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Empowering Armed Professionals & Law Abiding Citizens


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Apex Combat Solutions provides effective combatives to solve close range self-defense problems.

  • Law Enforcement Combatives & Defensive Tactics

  • Women's Self-Defense

  • EDC Combatives 

  • Unarmed Combatives 


apex combat solutions

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"Apex Combat Solutions is what you get when a world class Jiu-Jitsu black belt tailors his skill set towards law enforcement application. Jarrod came to my agency and taught a short seminar which encompassed concepts and tactics that actually work against a resisting subject. His teaching methodology emphasized grappling with the weapons and the gear we carry/wear at work. Much of the material he taught has been implemented into our Defensive Tactics program. I highly recommend Apex to any law enforcement officer or agency looking to level up their abilities and competence."


- Brandon (FL LEO & Defensive Tactics Instructor)

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